Are you an experienced nail technician with a passion for sharing your knowledge? Do you command a lively community or have a thriving online following? Embrace the opportunity to elevate your career by becoming an educator and inspire the next generation of nail artists!

Teach them about The GelBottle Inc™ and Peacci, to discover our incredible, highest-quality nail products developed by the nail tech superstar, TGB Founder Daisy Kalnina.

You'll earn a commission with every course purchased, plus a commission on products sold to your students!

We work closely with all our educators to support their growth, and that of their students. If you love our products and want to join our ever-growing network and community, please apply using the form below.

Frequently asked questions

What is Impact?

Impact is our affiliate tracking platform that provides real-time tracking of clicks, sales and commission in the programme, used to help us connect with our affiliate partners.

What is an Affiliate?

It an Educator uses their Affiliate URL, if any student buys anything through those links (per our terms of 3x purchases post TGB Academy course), the affiliate Educator earns a commission percentage on every sale.

Who can be an Affiliate?

We are currently offering exclusive commission % to our certified TGB Academy Educators. We will have certified professional nail technicians as brand ambassadors for example but Educators will have the best % commissions.

TGB Academy Affiliate Sign Up?

We will share a link when our website is live. It’s super easy.

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