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Festival Nail Art Workshop: Behind The Scenes | Summer Nail Art | The GelBottle Inc™

Behind The Scenes: Festival Nail Art Workshop

About The Workshop

From 3D designs to 90s inspired artwork, there’s something for everyone in our recently launched online Festival Nail Art Workshop. It’s your opportunity to learn the techniques for soon-to-be trending sets.

The online workshop consists of five in-depth tutorials, each lasting between 5 and 15 minutes. You’ll be able to follow along with our expert and their detailed voiceover, and download a step-by-step guide afterwards to remind you of the process.

About The Looks

We won’t spoil too much, but the looks in the workshop are bold and unique, inspired by the bright colours and vibes in your favourite summer activities. The looks also showcase our brand-new Neon Nights collection, but you can mix and match colours to your clients’ preferences.

Our talented nail techs took inspiration from more than just festival season. Discover the inspiration behind their designs, and top tips for recreating the looks yourself...

3D Jelly Art

A trend growing in popularity, 3D nail art isn’t going anywhere. Daisy, the nail technician behind this look, loves that you don’t have to buy a lot of different 3D gels, and and instead you can use our Clear 3D Studio Gel and mix it with your choice of gel colour

Her top tip for creating a neat design is to draw your nail art in 2D first, and build the layers slowly, perfecting as you go and flash curing along the way so the gel doesn’t spread.

When it comes to top coats, Daisy uses a thin brush (like our Liner 03 Brush) to get into the crevices of her 3D design and ensure it all has an even coverage.

3D nail art can be used to create any shapes and designs you like. Going to a pool party or on holiday abroad? Create a wet-look effect with droplets and a touch of your favourite blue gel colour. When it comes to 3D designs, the possibilities are endless...

90s Abstract

You’ll see 90s trends reflected in make-up, fashion and, you guessed it, nails. This abstract design takes inspiration from the iconic decade using dotting and lines to break up the designs.

Daisy’s top tip for this look is to prep beforehand. Choose your colours and put the shades together to make sure they complement each other. And always use black and white to break up the bolder shades.

If you find line work difficult, dip our Stroke 01 Brush (or our 4D 01 Brush) into acetone, wipe the excess off, and neaten up your line until you’re happy.

Play around with different designs and find inspiration from book covers, brand logos, or even your own doodles on a piece of paper. This 90s-inspired look is perfect for a wedding or event, as you can choose shades that coordinate with your outfit.


An iconic trend in fashion — and now manicures — tie dye is an opportunity to use bold, beautiful shades in your nail looks. Depending on your clients’ preferences, you can do an accent nail with an otherwise neutral set, or go all-out with tie-dye designs on every nail.

Daisy recommends using up to five colours. Don’t be afraid to use contrasting shades — bright green Hypnotic and bold coral Mini Dress perfectly contrast for eye-catching tie-dye designs.

This look is perfect to team with a more simple ensemble, letting your nails do the talking. You can even use best-selling BIAB™ as a base to lengthen the life of your manicures and strengthen natural nails.


A unique look to level up a French tip, our Blooming Gel look is inspired by the Aura trend, but the best part is that you don’t need an airbrush. It’s a simpler, neater technique with a similar effect — saving you time and money.

Daisy recommends experimenting with different colours, especially for a French tip. More and more we’re seeing techs move away from a simple white tip, and exploring other shades. In this look we used our first EVER neon flashing glitter — Hypnotic, and hypnotising it is...

This look is guaranteed to catch eyes — and the light. Blooming gel is growing in popularity for its ability to create unique nail looks in seconds. Perfect for a party, especially one with bright lights, our neon flashing glitter is a statement shade for any season.


Chromes aren’t going anywhere, but it doesn’t need to be as simple as full coverage Chrome looks. We’ve transformed a typical Chrome with an abstract sugar layer using Studio Acrylic Powder with a textured, matte effect.

Daisy says you can experiment with any shapes, including hearts and stars, depending on your clients’ desired look. Remember, as there’s no top coat used as a last step, the sugar layer can stain more easily, so avoid turmeric and other stain suspects!

Sugared nails, and 3D designs, are here to stay. In the same way that matte top coats are trending, clients are requesting new finishes — especially for holiday season.


With all these looks, practice makes perfect. That’s why our virtual course is so useful — you can watch it as many times as you like and refer to it whenever you need to. Play around with different colours and shades, using old faithful shades and our brand-new Neon Nights collection.


Sign up for our virtual Festival Nail Art Workshop, and tag us when you recreate the designs!

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