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Starting a salon: The Essentials

So you’re opening up shop? Go girl! Starting a business can be terrifying and it’s sometimes tricky to remember that this is an adventure you should be excited about! 
You’re about to become in charge of your own future and you are completely capable.
One of our biggest questions we get is, “what do I need?” and at TGB HQ we completely get it! Until you’ve owned a salon it can be hard to envisage all the things you might need, so we made a list for you, thank us later b!

  1. Insurance: We hope we’re stating the obvious when we say you need insurance. It’s essential, and it needs to be reflective of the fact you own a salon and might be employing others.
  2. A comfy chair and desk: Although it’s tempting to opt for a cheaper choice, you don’t want to scrimp when it comes to your set up. Bad chairs can cause nail techs to have killer back pain and the last thing you want is your body stopping you from looking forward to work in the morning.
  3. Payment device: the option to pay by card makes it much more likely for your clients to upgrade on services. It also makes customers more likely to revisit before pay day if they can pay using Amex or Credit cards.
  4. Lamp: If you invest in your lamp it should last you for years. Always make sure your lamp is designed for the brand of gel you are using to ensure it delivers the best results and leaves your clients in the safest hands (if you’ll pardon the pun.).  TGB light the way lamp
  5. Towels: whatever you do, make sure they match your branding and make them fluffy. TGB towels
  6. E-File: Providing you’re trained, invest in a good E-File. It will speed up your removals massively, giving you more time for more clients and more importantly: a lunch break (you’re not you when you’re hungry) TGB E-file
  7. Bases and Tops:  Always keep 2 of these in reserve stock, the last thing you want is to run out of base coat after a busy period and have to cancel clients until new base arrives. TGB rubber base and Extreme shine top.
  8. A range of colours: You never know who’s going to walk through your door, so even if you can’t afford a large collection, ensure you have a variety. You should always have 1-3 nude shades, 1 classic red, 1 dark red, 1 white, 1 black, 1-3 pink shades and a few bold colours, a sheer nude, glitters, pastels and neons. This should provide a great starting point for any customer of any demographic. TGB bottles and Peacci neons
  9. An offer: Starting with price skimming is a great way to build up clients. Even if you’re offering a way lower price than you want - if you work really hard to provide an incredible service and make it clear the offer is temporary, you’ll have return customers in no time. Our founder Daisy Kalnina offered a Groupon deal when she opened her salon, although she didn’t make money whilst running it - it grew her client base hugely and each Groupon client returned (paying full price due to the great service) meaning she was busy in no time!
  10. BIAB: For customers with flaky nails, heavy handed customers or customers wanting some extra strength support - BIAB does it all. You can add it as a treatment supplement at an extra cost, so it’s a must! TGB BIAB
  11. A range of tools; You should have a good range of buffers, files, cuticle pushers, acetone, hygiene products and oils in order to provide the best possible prep and ensure long-lasting results. TGB Essentials.
  12. Candles or reed diffusers: Remember, you want people to visit your salon for the experience. Subtle yet relaxing smells and sounds can all contribute to the downtime your customer craves. Just make sure you keep any fragrance or candles far from chemicals and nail products.
  13. Good lighting and backdrop: Social Media is your best friend for drawing attention to your new salon. You need your pictures to look as eye catching and professional as possible. A clean, crisp backdrop and strong, natural looking lighting not only make it easier for you to work precisely, but they can enhance the finish of your social media images massively. Remember, Instagram is your portfolio, so you want to be in the best position to easily create great content.
  14. Education: If you’re opening a salon you want to ensure you cater for your market and you also want to be sure that you can offer the best service and give tips to your employees accordingly. To attract the crowds, you need to understand how to create and set trends and by being educated to the highest level, you can have the confidence you are qualified to do so. Academy conversion course
  15. Booking system: Whether it’s a super organised planner or an online system from the PC, you MUST have your appointments in order. Your clients are your priority and their entire time spent in your salon should be smooth sailing and stress free. An efficient booking system allows you to offer this.

Disclaimer: These are just some of the things we recommend for starting a salon. This piece is opinion only and we always, always believe that everyone is different and should conduct their own research and opinion before agreeing to any purchases or making business decisions.. 

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