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Picture this — TGB has just launched its Daisy’s Diner collection, a must-have for this summer season. The collection is also available in a brand-new HEMA-Free Paint formula, meaning, when paired with our HEMA-Free BIAB™, you can finally offer your clients a complete HEMA-Free manicure!


If you want to explore brand-new collections and stock up your shades, Mini Moments is for you...

Mini Moments is an expansion of our 7ml mini bottle range for TGB. Including Daisy’s Diner in both the Original and HEMA-Free Paint formula, BIAB™solutely, HEMA-Free BIAB™, Bond Base and Glow Top — trying new formulas and increasing your collection just got so much easier!


Investing in our 7ml minis instead of our full 20ml bottles offers a great alternative to technicians for many reasons, so let’s look at the benefits:

Saving on space and maximising your product offering

Our industry hosts a wide range of different career paths with a large percentage of nail technicians working on a mobile basis. Whilst mobile technicians deserve to have a wide collection of products to offer their clients, the size and weight of their kit can limit this for many. With 7ml bottles weighing less than half the amount of a 20ml bottle, mini products provide convenience by allowing mobile technicians to potentially double their collection without storage and transportation concerns, massively increasing their offering.

But mini products aren’t just for mobile technicians! They offer an opportunity for all technicians to increase their product range whilst minimising storage and wastage. This is super beneficial with our BIAB™ range as we offer 50+ shades across the Original, HEMA-Free and All in One formula. And with mini bottles taking up half the space of a full-size 20ml bottle, you can technically stock double the number of shades.

BIAB™, unlike gel colour, is often used as a base rather than the final finish; and whilst having lots of BIAB™ shades to offer your clients is great, it can mean that not all shades are used frequently and therefore not replenished quick enough to cover the initial outlay.

Switching to mini BIAB™’s will allow you to increase your shade range whilst saving space and money in the long run!

Trying new products and formulas prior to a large investment

HEMA is the most common photo initiator used in gel products for many reasons, including increased retention. However, as the most-used chemical within gel formulas, it is also one of the most common allergens.

If an allergy occurs, the use of HEMA must cease immediately. This previously meant that clients with a HEMA sensitivity would not have been able to continue with their nail service, but the introduction of HEMA-Free products to TGB’s product range has meant that those with a HEMA allergy can still be catered for.

Since the launch of our HEMA-Free range, we often get asked if technicians need to switch their whole system, and to that our answer is no. HEMA-Free products should only be used on those with a confirmed HEMA allergy, but it is important for technicians to ensure they stock products that cater for all clientele, including those who may be allergic to HEMA.

The percentage of clientele with a confirmed HEMA allergy is very small, so investing in a handful of core products may be more appropriate than buying into the whole range. In this case, mini 7ml bottles of HEMA-Free Bond Base, Glow Top, BIAB™ & NEW Daisy’s Diner Paint are the perfect addition to any kit. This allows technicians to increase their service offering, whilst trialling new products and formulas without a large initial investment.

Saving on initial outlay

If you needed more convincing to invest in our Mini Moments, let’s look at the financial benefits.

For those starting out in the industry, wanting to switch brands, or simply increase their current range, you have the perfect opportunity to invest in more products and offer a wider colour range through buying up to three times the amount of 7ml bottles for the price of one 20ml bottle.

Now, although you will get less uses (on average) from a 7ml bottle compared to a 20ml bottle, the initial financial outlay to invest in new product ranges is significantly less. This means that you can introduce new shades or new formulas for less financial commitment, and you can then choose to replace with full sized 20ml bottles once you know how popular they are and how much use you will get from them!


For all technicians, self-employed, mobile and salon owners alike: TGB’s Mini Moments launch is your opportunity to try new formulas, add to your product range and increase your service offering whilst making the most of your space and reducing your initial investment cost.

Explore over 250 shades available in TGB mini size.


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